Coleman Concedes, Franken is Minnesota Senator


After telling us that his wife had been praying the rosary in Rome (?), Norm Coleman congratulated Al Franken on becoming the next Senator from Minnesota. Then he said a bunch of other stuff about voters’ rights and the people of Minnesota, but who cares? This fucking thing is done. Hooray for the clown!

Oh, okay: Coleman says he still disputes the process, but “we are a nation of laws, not men and women. The court has spoken, and it’s time to look forward and not look back.” He’s glad he raised the issues he raised in his endless appeals. He’s not done yet but there’s no sign of an apology for the nearly eight months he fucked with the Senate. Described his phone call with Franken as a “positive discussion.”

Update: Coleman fondly recalls some lady with a baby who came up to him at a restaurant one day and said “she wouldn’t have had her baby” if it wasn’t for him. Wow, maybe Mark Sanford will get some relief after all! Also says he talked to Governor Pawlenty and told him he was going to “make his life a little easier.”