Coup in Review: Dems Declare Quorum Because Republican Walked Though Senate; Dems’ Pledge of Allegiance Treason Unmasked!


Democrats, minus Pedro Espada, returned to the state senate chamber and called another quorum, enabling them to do business. But there are only 31 of them. How’d they work it? Liz Benjamin reports that Republican Frank Padavan walked through the chamber after the gavel, and was recorded as the 32nd senator in session. The Queens Republican admits he walked through, but only because the senate parlor had been blocked off, and he calls the quorum a fraud. The Democrats are busily passing non-controversial bills — which do not include the New York mayoral control of schools renewal that expires at midnight.

But the really big news is that, in the first of the senators’ split sessions last week, the Democrats didn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance! “The Senators can play all the political games their constituents will let them get away with,” says Examiner reporter Dan Spencer, ” but they should not disrespect the Flag of the United States of America… Perhaps the New York Democrats learned flag etiquette from Presidential candidate Obama.” Believe it or not, the Examiner is not the first outlet that suddenly realized this is important — and others are rushing to denounce the Democrats’ treason. “Even if you do not accept the session as valid,” says the Watertown Daily Times, “it is important to respect flag and country.” Weep, eagle, weep!