Drink this–Watermelon Beer


At the Fancy Food Show’s Food Fete last night, we discovered this craft beer from San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Brewery. Watermelon wheat beer has just become available in New York in the last two weeks. The brew is an unappetizing-sounding mix of wheat beer fermented with fresh watermelon and added watermelon juice, and we were pretty sure we’d hate it. But it actually tastes great–crisp and refreshing, without an overt watermelon flavor; it’s not sweet. There’s just a hint of a melony aftertaste, like gnawing on that part of a slice where pink shades into white.

It’s a summery concoction, cooling and relatively low in alcohol (4.9%), making it perfect for an afternoon spent in front of the barbecue. You can buy it at Whole Food’s beer shops.