Jonathan Lethem’s New Chronic City Covered


Chronic City, the forthcoming novel from Jonathan Lethem, is among other things a homecoming: it’s the first book of his set in New York since 2003’s Fortress of Solitude. The cover certainly seems suited for a “searing portrayal of Manhattanites wrapped in their own delusions, desires, and lies.” But ASSME points out the similarity of the cover to a certain not-much-mourned business magazine that Conde Nast shut down earlier this year–hopefully not a portent about the quality of book. Chronic City is due October 13. “Ava’s Apartment,” a story Lethem recently published in the New Yorker, appeared to be an excerpt. It begins: “Perkus Tooth, the wall-eyed former rock critic, awoke the morning after the party he vowed would be his last, the night after the worst blizzard of the winter, asleep on a staircase, already in the grip of a terrific cluster headache.” We can relate.