Junkless Junk Food & Uplifting Fancy Foods


Popchips and other snack food brands, such as Flat Earth baked veggie crisps, Stacy’s pita chips, and Terra Chips, are peddling “junkless” junk food with slogans like “Love. Without the handles,” and “Regret. Nothing.” Even traditional brands are trying to get in on the act, like Lay’s potato chips with its new campaign touting its simple ingredients of potatoes, oil, and salt.
[NY Times]

If you’re picnicking this summer, a few key tips can ensure that food-borne bacteria don’t spoil the party. Hot temperatures accelerate the production of odorless, tasteless bacteria that contain toxins that may cause food poisoning. “Clean,” “separate,” “cook,” and “chill” are the words to live by to guard against contamination.
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Eataly, a huge artisanal Italian food market that opened in Turin two years ago, signed a lease at 200 Fifth Avenue. With 32,000 square feet, the New York location will be double the size of the Turin address and will also feature an 8,000-square-foot rooftop garden. Mario Batali, among others, is involved.
[NY Times]

Starbucks is replacing many of its artificial ingredients with fresh in order to improve the quality of its food menu. Oregon blueberries will be used in muffins and baked goods, while high-fructose corn syrup will not. The company will also add two salads and a strawberry-banana smoothie to the menu.

Fancy foods are the ultimate pick-me-up in a financial crisis, according to exhibitors at the Fancy Foods Show. We may not be able to afford flat-screen TVs, but we can treat ourselves to lobster mac and cheese.