Madoff Schadenfreude Persists, Billions Still Missing


We still don’t know where a lot of Madoff’s money went. The Guardian says, “Rumours persist that Madoff has billions of dollars deposited with overseas banks, but if this is true they are likely to prove almost impossible to track down.” It may be that investigators have other leverage than Madoff’s cooperation and could afford to dispense with it. But until that’s established, all we have is glee over his heavy sentence. And who is better fitted to revel in the pain of others than the Post‘s Andrea Peyser? “MY NEW hero isn’t a super man or a singer,” says Peyser. “But he is a rock star who wears a long, black robe.” The spectre of death? No, Judge Chin, who is “the first man who was willing to lock up Bernie.” She also appreciates that Chin called Madoff evil. “Evil,” she purrs. “I like it.” Peyser also celebrates that unindicted co-conspirator Ruth Madoff now “gets to sleep alone, making Ruthie the luckiest woman alive.” Actually Mrs. Madoff is far luckier on other counts: she gets to keep $2.5 million of her husband’s ill-gotten gains. That’s her payback for ceding her claim to the $80 million in Madoff money investigators will now try to fairly disburse without the added headache of battling over it with Ruth Madoff. We’re sure Bernie Madoff completely understands his wife’s renunciation of him, since that’s apparently part of what it took to leave her (and their sons) free of prosecution and fixed for life. Even supervillains have to take care of their families.

Update: Glad to see they’re on the job: AP says 10 Madoff associates will be charged in connection with his Ponzi scheme.