Obama Sends Gays To The Back Of The Bus Again


I never thought I’d agree with the conservative advocacy group the Log Cabin Republicans, always assuming that “gay Republican” was as much of an oxymoron as “casino culture.” But they’ve hit the gay nail on the head by chiding Obama for his latest attempt to placate the LGBT community with his reception yesterday. According to reporter Rex Wockner, Charles T. Moran, who’s the Log Cabin Republicans’ spokesperson, came out with this damning statement:

“It is pretty entertaining to watch the President throw himself a ‘Pride Party’ after taking a pass on acting upon several issues that would have fulfilled his promises to our community. I’m not quite sure what he’s actually proud of. Hollow words and false promises do not define a legacy or an administration–only actions and follow-through.

“This administration has had several opportunities to show its commitment to the LGBT community and make life better for millions of Americans. Hosting this ‘sideshow’ reception only rubs salt in the wounds of so many that actually believed his message of ‘hope & change’.”

Snap, snap, score one for the conservative gays! Hell-eaux!