You May Want to Avoid Jens Lekman for the Next Week or So


Jens Lekman has the H1N1 virus, better known as swine flu. Yeesh. Apparently, everyone’s favorite Swedish chamber-pop/disco/folk singer contracted the virus while on tour in South America, and is recovering at home in Sweden. Lekman began feeling sick while flying home from Chile, told a flight attendant about it–causing some fellow passengers to retreat in panic–and then went to the bathroom and fainted. Lekman tells the whole sad story on his blog in the same wry tone he uses to sing most of his songs, writing “Peoples eyes were kind but determined, they read ‘Poor you, I really wish you all the best but if you come near me or my kid I will have to stab you with this plastic fork’.” At least he’s got a good attitude about it. Get well soon, Jens!

June 27th , 2009 [Jens Lekman]