If you’ve never seen Jerry Bruckheimer’s 1997 action film Con Air, the somewhat ludicrous gist is this: Ten of the most dangerous convicts in the world (played by the likes of Steve Buscemi, John Malkovich, and Ving Rhames) are put on a plane and—surprise!—they try to escape. Seeing that the blockbuster was ripe for a parody, five-man sketch troupe Elephant Larry (who claimed the title of “New York City’s Best Comedy Writers” at Caroline’s Sketch Fights Competition) mixed movie clips with original skits to create their own hilarious rendition. Now, after a sold-out run in April, Elephant Larry Presents Con Air is back for only eight more performances. Want to watch the film beforehand? Just contact the guys, and they’ll lend you their copy. Really.

Thursdays, 8 p.m. Starts: July 9. Continues through Aug. 27, 2009