Might as well admit it right at the top: The imaginatively titled new Wilco album, Wilco (the Album), is kind of a snooze. As yacht-rock mellow as 2007’s Sky Blue Sky, but with too little of that disc’s sweet-and-lowdown tunecraft, it’s a sign that Jeff Tweedy’s celebrated roots crew might be undergoing yet another transformation, this time from “America’s Radiohead” into “America’s Moody Blues.” Fortunately, these dudes command a lengthy songbook filled with more appealing fare, and, onstage, they’re not bashful about exploring it; last month in L.A., they reached all the way back to 1995’s A.M. for “Box Full of Letters,” which hasn’t grown any less charming with age. Here, Wilco share the bill with Hoboken’s Yo La Tengo, who might provide a model for getting older and freakier at the same time (check out their alter-ego Condo Fucks’ record for noisy proof.) Got a Moody Blues fan under the age of six at home? He or she gets in for free tonight.

Mon., July 13, 8 p.m., 2009