Food Cart Turf Wars & Fancy Food Favorites


Artisanal honey, blood orange, and caviar were among the hot products at the Fancy Foods Show this year. Smaller packaging was another trend, sparked by this, our poor economy.
[NY Times]

Has calling 911 because you got your food order wrong become a trend? The woman TMZ branded McNut called 911 when McDonald’s ran out of McNuggets after she’d already paid for her order. More recently, a man called 911 on McDonald’s because food was missing from his order, claiming he’d been robbed $8.

Spoiled food alert: The latest in food safety-related recalls is from Kroger, which has recalled popcorn seasonings after fears it may be contaminated with salmonella. Movie theater Butter Flavor, White Cheddar Flavored, and Fat Free Butter Flavored Sprinkles were the three flavors affected.
[Reuters via Forbes]

Now that gourmet food trucks have hit the streets with their Earl Grey ice cream and vegan tacos, the food cart turf wars are worse than ever. Newcomers feel unfairly threatened by their “neighbors,” while old timers are angry at being edged out of spots they’ve held, in some cases, for decades.
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What makes a perfect burger? When you break it down, it should comprise the right choice of meat, the right seasoning and cooking method, a nice round shape, and the perfect bun. And if it’s a cheeseburger, it’s all about “meltability.”
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