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Jason Lytle is a wily, byzantine man; herein we provide examples of his ways. Pro: Years back, with his now-defunct ethereal pop band Grandaddy, he proudly headlined a shoddily organized festival thrown by my college radio station, churning the 45-odd attendees into a wraithlike trance. Con: He once hung up on Harvilla. At least his solo album, May’s Yours Truly, the Commuter, is made of sweeter stuff: Carefully compact with electronics and strings, winsomely sung (the title of “Fürget It” is the least amusing part, even), he carries the weight of the superb Grandaddy, and then some. So he still comes out ahead in these parts . . . well, depending on who you ask.

Fri., July 10, 8 p.m., 2009

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