Japandroids+Little Girls+Dinowalrus


There was a time in your life where all you wanted to do was smoke pot in your parents’ garage, drink stolen wine, and lament the fact that you never got picked as yearbook editor. Vancouver’s Japandroids, comprised of two seemingly accidental prophets, have mirrored the pains and ecstasy of adolescence in their debut LP Post Nothing, which, if God has anything to do with it, has “Polaris shortlist” written all over it. With the post-emo, post-indie combustion of Brian King and David Prowse’s noisy pop, their signature track is “Young Hearts Spark Fire,” a heart-on-sleeve testament to being young and restless that muses, “I don’t want to worry about dying, I just want to worry about those sunshine girls.” Get to know your 17-year-old self tonight.

Fri., July 10, 8 p.m., 2009