Joe the Plumber Returns, Makes Ass of Self


The national Republican Party strategy looks like kind of an ad-hoc/panic thing. Democratic initiatives provoke them to weak rejoinders and comparisons of Obama to Hitler. And they spend a good deal of time beating each other up. But somebody must have put on his thinking cap, because the GOP has come up with a great idea: the return of Joe the Plumber. WorldNetDaily announces the hero of working men and women everywhere, last seen telling reporters to get out of Israel, will “speak at tea parties” across America this Fourth of July weekend. The former McCain spokesperson now claims “I stay away from the Left or Right” and “I see people from the Left and the Right showing up to these tea parties,” but as his allegedly independent views are entirely about how bad the Democrats are, no sentient being believes him. Plumber warmed up for this Independence Day tour by telling WND that “After September 11 happened, we were patriots for six months, and then half of them fell off,” presumably meaning that portion of the electorate that trounced his candidate in the last election.

Image via wikipedia.