‘NY Eye and Ear Fest II’


Brooklyn’s Pendu Organization—proprietors of “dynamic, ecstatic transcendentalism,” commonly known as “noise jams”—present the second installment of their proposed twice-annual NY Eye and Ear Fest. Spread over four nights at three venues, E&E II will feature nearly 60 acts (including noise poppers Magik Markers and blissful gearheads Telecult Powers, 7/10, at the unclosed Knitting Factory, also featuring a drone/video art installation in the basement), a record fair and an afternoon Women in NYCinema screening and nine more bands (7/11, at the 92Y Tribeca), and a closing party (with spaz-jazzers Talibam! and others, 7/12, at Death By Audio). Viva dynamic, ecstatic, transcendentalism!

Fri., July 10, 7 p.m., 2009