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Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson. Harlem, the world. Greg Tate.

Michael Jackson. Bed-Stuy. Jean Grae.

Michael Jackson. Gary, Indiana. Jessica Hopper.

The Village Voice Michael Jackson Archives.

We all know about the Albany Coup and how bad it makes everyone look. But who really benefited from the Tom Golisano-Pedro Espada-Republican insurgency? Tom Robbins ticks off the winners: The NRA. Landlords. Barbaric criminal justice and prison practices. In short: The powers that were threatened by the new Democratic majority.

Michael Musto has new blind items, and some with names (like Michelle Obama, Jonathan Demme, and Amanda Lepore).

“Dramatically, [Public Enemies] offers a variation on a favored Mann theme–an elegant, professional criminal and a dogged lawman…” says Scott Foundas. And Johnny Depp and Christian Bale!

Did you really think Michael Feingold was going to like the revival of The Wiz with Ashanti? You should still read his thoughtful review. He also looks at Shakespeare in the Park’s Twelfth Night with Anne Hathaway.

Rob Harvilla says Janelle Monae “has the best live show going by orders of magnitude.”

Basil Wolverton was the most convoluted artist at the old Mad magazine. He also did religious drawings. Robert Shuster takes this in, along with other local art shows.

Haven’t you always wanted to read Deborah Jowitt on Nicholas Leichter “danced to the music of Basement Jaxx, M.I.A., Lionrock, and the dazzling live performance of Monstah Black“?

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