Under Review–Sietsema At Rudar Soccer Club; DiGregorio At Marea


This week in the Voice, Our Man Sietsema and his fellow Wet Towel Club members made friends with bean-y veal sauce at the Rudar Soccer Club, while Sarah DiGregorio rubbed elbows with the dining elite at Marea.

Bruni says cheese is the way to go at Bar Artisanal, where you can experience any number of current dining trends, from upscale hamburgers to small plates to even smaller plates.
[NY Times]

Restaurant Girl drops in on the brand new Mesa Coyoacan, where “Most of the tacos… taste like they’re straight out of Mexico City,” unlike the “anglified” Mexican food chef Ivan Garcia served at his previous restaurants.
[NY Daily News]

Alan Richman returns to the restaurant of his childhood, Katz’s Delicatessen, to sample the other sandwiches on the menu, declaring most of what he ate “the worst food for the money in New York.”
[GQ @]

Jay Cheshes recommends those with heartier appetites go out for a slice after sampling the new lounge menu at Per Se. Sure, the food is “brilliantly executed,” but the portions are “diminutive,” even “miserly.”

TONY also pays a visit to the Brooklyn Star, and wonders what a good bourbon would do for the bacon-infested menu offerings. “We’ll never know; a liquor license is forthcoming for beer and wine only.”