When Is Too Soon To Say “I Love You”?


“I love you” are the three most glorious words in the English language–aside from “I’ll comp you”–but if they’re said too soon or too often, they have the weird reverse impact of driving people far, far away.

I once had a boyfriend who started saying “I love you” after we’d know each other for two whole weeks! I found it a little bizarre, but I always replied “I love you too,” seeing as you have no choice! (This kind of thing really puts perfectly well meaning people in a bind.) Eventually, I realized he simply wanted a life partner and was trying to accelerate our bond rather than let it develop organically. Today, neither of us loves the other–a LOT.

So when is the right time to say “I love you”? Does it vary from case to case? Or is there a universal time frame–like, say, after six months? I’ll love you for answering.