Coup in Review: State Senators Weekend in Albany! Diaz Walks Out, Yonkers “Running On Fumes”


Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend while the Albany Coup keeps your state senators stuck in Albany — hardly a vacation destination — under orders by Governor Paterson. The respective party leaders are brassing it out, refusing to be pushed into a settlement, and Ruben Diaz Sr. says he’s going to spend time with his church in the Bronx and invites Paterson to send the troopers after him. AP estimates that the Coup has cost state taxpayers $94,400 so far — and that’s not counting fallout from the unpassed budgetary legislation that has Yonkers “running on fumes,” according to Mayor Phil Amicone, and other municipalities scrambling. If you’re of a libertarian turn of mind, you might applaud this as starving the beast, but the people who have to deliver services in the affected areas aren’t seeing the benefit.