Lessons in Bloomy Speak: It’s a Hard Landing, Not a Crash


From the Mike Bloomberg City Hall Lexicon:

A packed Staten Island ferry that loses power just at it is pulling into the dock and bangs very hard into the pier , thus injuring 15 passengers or less, is a hard landing, not a crash.

A crash is a packed Staten Island ferry that bangs very hard into the pier killing 11 or more passengers after the lone pilot collapses, as per 2003 incident.

Thankfully, the Daily News correctly applied this lesson to last night’s unfortunate mishap: “Staten Island ferry hard landing injures 15 at St. George pier.”

The Associated Press, whose story runs in the Times, also applied proper terminology: “Ferry officials said the boat’s hard docking happened as it entered slip No. 5 at the St. George ferry terminal in Staten Island, where a 2003 ferry crash killed 11 people.”

Alas, CNN did not: “Staten Island Ferry Crash Injures 10.” But they didn’t even get the injury number right either, so what do you expect?