Mickey D’s Gets a New Burger; Dunkin’ Donuts Halts Dunkaccino Sales


McDonald’s has a new burger on the menu, the first new permanent item since 2001. The Angus Third Pounder–which comes in Deluxe with American cheese, lettuce, and tomato; Bacon & Cheese; and Mushroom & Swiss varieties–seems to be competing with Burger King’s Steakhouse Burger and other beefier burger chains’ burgers.
[Chicago Tribune]

When the European Union banned imports of commercially caught Canadian seals last month, the controversial meat was suddenly thrust into the spotlight, as were the few chefs who serve it. Canada’s governor general even made waves when she sampled a piece of raw seal heart at an Inuit community feast.
[NY Times]

Restaurant Girl takes a break from reviewing new restaurants to name her favorite spots for summer eats, which include such daring and insightful picks as Nathan’s hot dogs in Coney Island, Pearl Oyster Bar’s lobster rolls, and Mister Softee ice cream.
[NY Daily News]

Martha Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Yoko Ono, Alan Alda, and Regis Philbin are among celebs who are lobbying to keep Tavern on the Green in the LeRoy family. LeRoy is up against Seth Greenberg of Capitale and Dean J. Poll of the Boathouse for the rights to a 20-year operating license for the restaurant.
[NY Daily News]

Spoiled food alert: If you were planning to wash down your Tollhouse cookies with a perfectly safe Dunkin’ Donuts Dunkaccino, you’re plum out of luck–and it’s not just because the cookies might be tainted. Dunkin’ will temporarily stop selling hot chocolate and Dunkaccinos after discovering a salmonella threat at one of its suppliers.
[Boston Globe]