New 50 Cent Video: “OK, You’re Right,” In Which 50 Blows Up New York City


You may be confused about the relationship between the violent, frozen-framed clown/cop shoot-out and the more standard, bottles/models/women-breathing-fire rap video narrative with which the new video for 50 Cent’s “OK, You’re Right” is intercut–for clarification, we point you to the Philips TV website, whereupon you’ll realize that a full half of the video is meant an advertisement for flatscreen televisions (or some sort of HD? Unclear). We’d go ahead and say that once again, 50 got the last laugh, as far as getting money goes, except that directors Dan the Man and Chris “Broadway” Romero and the other geniuses at Philips did in fact get Curtis to rap most of this video in a clown suit, which is its own form of critical/commercial commentary. Also, at the end, 50-the-clown detonates a bomb in the middle of Manhattan. “The whole concept is you have this crazy record and club performance and it trips back and you’re showing that [50] never really left,” Romero told XXL. “New York is here and it’s represented well on this record, but on top of that there’s this subplot with the whole clown situation.” Indeed.

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