No Children Were Harmed By Jay Reatard at the Stuy Town Oval Last Night


So that bonkers Jay Reatard show last night in the middle of the Stuy Town oval, complete with small children and families and dogs and other things with which Reatard usually has an adverse relationship, apparently went off with a hitch. (Well, not entirely without a hitch; a concerned Brooklyn Vegan commenter noted that during “Greed, Money, Useless Children,” Reatard “pointed to the playground during every chorus.” Which is sort of like getting mad at the government or the man or any number of worthwhile erstwhile punk rock targets except, not at all. I’m sure the slide and/or swingset was spooked though.) Anyway nyctaper somehow already has the audio. His vaguely Hipster Runoff-channeling review: “Jay proved a creative figure completely unwilling to pander. This was not “family” music, but it was completely authentic and compelling nonetheless.” [nyctaper]