Our Ten Best–Hot Dogs


Call them hot dogs, franks, weenies, floaters, or tube steaks, New Yorkers love them, whether as impromptu snacks or full-blown meals. And now that the recession is upon us, we love them more than ever. Said to have originated in Frankfurt, Germany, these sausages—filled with a pork or beef or beef-pork forcemeat—were popularized in Coney Island 150 years ago, where they were first sold from pushcarts, in which the sausages were boiled over a charcoal fire.

Fork in the Road has picked Our Top Ten franks, but this time we haven’t limited ourselves to the five boroughs and a sliver of New Jersey. Rather, we’ve ranged over two states—at least those parts you can reach with a two- or three-hour drive. See if you agree, and please tell us the places we’ve missed.

< Did Nathan’s Famous make the top ten? See below to find out.

1. Rutt’s Hut (417 River Rd Clifton, NJ, 973-779-8615) 2. Nathan’s Famous (Surf and Stillwell Avenues, Brooklyn, 718-946-2202) 3. Gray’s Papaya (402 Sixth Avenue, 212-260-3532) 4. Crif Dogs (113 St. Marks Place, 212-614-2728) 5. Gus’s Hotdogs (212 25th Street, Watervliet, NY, 518-273-8743) 6. Boulevard Drinks (48 Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ, 201-656-1855) 7. Walter’s Hot Dog Stand (937 Palmer Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY, 234-567-8910) 8. Hot Dog Johnny’s (U.S. Highway 46, Buttzville, NJ, 908-453-2882) 9. Jumbo Hot Dogs (149 Canal Street, no phone) 10.F & B Gudt Food (269 West 23rd Street, 646-486-4441)

Runners-up: Papaya King (179 East 86th Street, 212-369-0648); Willie’s Dawgs (351 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-832-2941); Shake Shack (11 Madison Avenue, 212-889-6600); New York Hotdog and Coffee (245 Bleecker Street, 917-388-2608)

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