Tequila Por Mi Amante: The Consummation


The jar stuffed with halved Greenmarket strawberries and Cazadores tequila sat on the counter for three weeks, the red color slowly leaching out of the berries and into the booze. Last night, the 21-day infusing period was finally over, so the strawberries were gleefully strained out, and the tequila, which had turned the color of cough syrup, was ready for drinking.

The recipe for this infusion comes from a 1946 book with an amazing name: The Gentleman’s Companion, Being an Exotic Drinking Book: Around the World With Jigger, Beaker and Flask. Even people who don’t tend to like infused spirits say that the combo of strawberries and tequila is beautiful–and the name, tequila por mi amante, or tequila for my beloved, doesn’t hurt.

Tequila por mi amante turns out to taste as good as it sounds. It smells more like strawberries than strawberries do, and tastes of the fresh, sweet berries, without actually being sweet. The bite of the tequila is gone, leaving rounded flavor and just a smoky burn as you swallow. It tastes great simply served up, chilled, or with lime juice. Anyone else have a favorite way to drink it?

With a little patience, making tequila por mi amante is actually a lot easier than pie.

(Many thanks to commenter Liz, who suggested this experiment.)