The Outpouring Over Joe Jr.’s


After Mr. Cutlets posted a tip that Joe Jr. Restaurant might be closing, an outpouring of emotion from fans followed.

Mimi Sheraton wrote in to say, “If hamburgers were all, the loss of Joe Jr., would be far less serious. Like so many devotees, the things I would miss are the nicely doctored soups, the excellent tuna fish salad sandwich, all egg dishes and the waffles as well as the oatmeal.”

Patrons of the West Village diner posted a sign on the window petitioning for the place to stay open, but Grub Street reported that it was no use: Owner Teddy Hondros has already made up his mind to retire after 34 years at the restaurant.

Hondros’s son, Gregory, told the TimesDiner’s Journal, “What can I say, this really hurts. I’ve been coming here since I was a kid, and so have our customers.”

A friend of the restaurant’s wrote in to Eater, saying that the landlord had offered to let Hondros stay for double his current rent.

Barring any last-minute reversal, Joe Jr.’s will close this Sunday, July 5.