Upper East Side Gay-Bashing Epidemic?


Assemblyman Micah Kellner, one of the officials to whom state senator Tom Duane reached out when Joe Holladay got gay-bashed on the Upper East Side last week, has told WCBS that there have been other incidents in the neighborhood recently that are disturbingly similar — “Three of which are currently being considered hate crimes,” says the assemblyman. This includes two men who were attacked, robbed, and treated to anti-gay slurs in Carl Schurz Park. And there was a previously-reported beatdown on East 84th Street that seems to match the M.O.

Our own sources tell us that there may be as many as six recent cases from the neighborhood that may be looked at as hate crimes, and that police are actively investigating both the crimes and their possible connections. Whether they’re established as bias attacks or not, that seems like an awful lot of violence in the neighborhood of Gracie Mansion.