Mayor, Cops Warn Against Illegal Fireworks, Rooftop Parties, Fun


We know homemade fireworks are illegal in this town, but we were hoping that, with tourism down this summer, they might go a little easier on 4th of July street pyrotechnics. Alas, Mayor Bloomberg and the cops remain on our ass about it — in fact they’re even against rooftop parties to watch the Macy’s fireworks: WCBS says police in both New York and Hoboken (the show is over the Hudson this year) “say rooftops and fire escapes are completely off limits for parties because the danger of collapsing by the weight of a crowd.”

The Staten Island Advance, playfully we assume, has polled readers on the question, “Do you intend to report illegal fireworks activity on Staten Island tomorrow?” You’ll be happy to hear it’s currently running 3-to-1 against. Comments are even better: “No rat here!” “Im so glad I am in florida just for the 4th to shoot off fireworks galore,” “Yes, I will rat on my neighbors. I hate them. It’s either rat them out or pee in their pool again,” etc. Blow a finger off for freedom!

Update: At Slate, Troy Patterson in defense of backyard fireworks and against “the professional fireworks display… an exercise in pomposity, aggression, triumphalism, and hubris.” Photo (cc) Wesley Oostvogels.