School Daze: Charter Break-in at Harlem P.S.


Back in February, Mayor Bloomberg threatened that there could be “riots in the streets” if mayoral control isn’t renewed in Albany, and in today’s Daily News, Juan Gonzalez reports the first mini-riot outbreak.

The commotion came at P.S. 123 where yesterday workers showed up unannounced and started removing cylinder locks from classroom doors and removing desks and computers to make room for the expansion of a charter school, the Harlem Success Academy. Public school teachers rushed to block the workers and cops were called.

Bloomberg’s Department of Education soon admitted there was a “mistake in communications.” But Eva Moskowitz, the former city councilwoman who runs the charter school didn’t think so. She told Gonzalez that city officials “had repeatedly, consistently, and in writing” said she could start rehabbing the rooms for her school expansion as of July 1. She accused P.S. 123 officials and the teachers union of “deliberately” blocking the renovations.

Harlem state senator Bill Perkins called the break-in an example of “mayoral control run amuck.”