Statue of Liberty is Booked Up for the 4th; Enjoy Heartwarming Stories About It Instead


After announced previously, this 4th of July weekend America will reopen the crown of the Statue of Liberty to visitors. If you haven’t reserved tickets already via the official website already (warning: there are others peddling tickets, either as scalpers or as scammers), forget it — at this writing they’re sold out through September 8. But you can enjoy it vicariously through little Aleyna Bartnick, who was born in 2001 — the year the statue was closed because of 9/11 — and whose nanny tried and tried and finally got tickets for July 4, says Newsday. Don’t worry, this wasn’t the sort of thing when you buy a kid something you think they should appreciate and they react like you gave them okra; Aleyna was “jumping up and screaming like most kids do for Hannah Montana” when she found out she was going.

Also on the 4th, seven U.S. servicemembers, who have been defending our country without fully sharing in its privileges, will become U.S. citizens in a ceremony at the base of the statue.

Don’t feel too bad about not be afforded the privilege of climbing 354 stairs “in a cramped enclosed area with high temperatures” this Independence Day. Just being in New York that day will make you feel like a tourist, as we will be flooded with them, and on such occasions they tend to sweep us along in their wake. Image (cc) wwarby.