Weekend Special–Walter’s Hot Dog Stand, Mamaroneck, New York


Walter’s Hot Dog Stand in Mamaroneck, NY, stands in parkland across from the high school.

To celebrate National Hot Dog Month, and the impending Nathan’s hot dog eating contest, Fork in the Road traveled to Mamaroneck, NY, an easy 30-minute train ride from Grand Central. One of the iconic hot dog stands of the United States, Walter’s is located a half mlle south of the train station. Though Walter Harrington established his first stand in 1919, it wasn’t until 1928 that he built the picturesque pagoda on parkland across from Mamaroneck High School, and it’s been a favorite of locals, tourists, and high school students ever since. In fact, Walter’s rated as #7 in Our Ten Best Hot Dogs. On the next page, find more pictures of Walter’s, including their strange franks.