Somebody Got Murdered: Possible Mob Hit on Staten Island?


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DATE:Thursday, July 2, 2009, 4:33 a.m.
LOCATION: Corner of Arthur kill Rd & Ilyssa Way, Staten Island.

The police say a man was shot to death at the above intersection last Thursday. He was reportedly waiting for the bus early in the morning.

As of this writing, three days after the incident, the NYPD’s press office still hadn’t released the identification of the victim.

But the Staten Island Advance has already reported not only the identity of the victim, Anthony Seccafico, 46, but the fact that he was once indicted in an organized crime case.

In 2002, the Advance says, Seccafico was indicted with 20 associates of the Bonanno crime family for running a gambling and loansharking ring. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy, and was sentenced to three months in jail and probation.

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