Bikes in Buildings Bill Blocked; Cycle Supporters Turn Up Heat


The Bicycle Access to Buildings Bill has been cooking in the city council for a while; last September councilmember David Yassky and his comrades at Transportation Alternatives were confident of quick (well, quick for government) passage of the bill, which would require commercial property owners to allow tenants’ bikes to be stored within their property, eliminating an impediment to bicycle commuting.

But the bill has hit a snag, and people are blaming the council’s transportation chair, John Liu — who happens to be a rival of Yassky this year for the office of city comptroller, and whose committee has blocked its passage. Yassky says it’s politics; Liu says he just wants a version of the bill that would put its enforcement under the Department of Buildings rather than the Department of Transportation, which he says can’t handle it. TransAlt wants you to poke Liu about the bill and get him to “secure its passage in July of 2009.”