Brooklyn ATM Charging $3.99 for a Withdrawal


Amazing. An ATM in DUMBO is charging an exorbitant $3.99 to withdraw money. Mike McLaughlin of the Brooklyn Paper pegs the ATM machine as at the foot of Old Fulton Street in DUMBO — with its delightful panoramic view of the Brooklyn Bridge — as one of the city’s more egregious tourist traps.

Is this the most expensive ATM in the city? If you know of one that’s more expensive, please let us know (though apparently ATMs in New Orleans daquiri bars charge slightly more, though you’d probably be too drunk to notice at that point).

How do they got off charging that much money? Even the vice president of the city’s tourism agency, Kimberly Spell, called the fee, “A little disconcerting.” Meanwhile, some economic researchers have pointed out that ATM fees in general are a big ruse. Image (cc) catatronic.