Coup in Review: Senators Work Grueling Three-Minute Days Through Holiday Weekend


Thank God Paterson made them work through the holiiday! On Saturday and Sunday New York’s state senators came in, gaveled, postured, and finished in about three minutes, achieving nothing. But at least they can say they worked, which is more than we bums who pay taxes can say. Casey Seiler of the Albany Times-Union, who attended one such session “wearing cargo shorts, a Stax Records T-shirt and flip-flops,” thinks the Governor missed an opportunity by staying in Albany to watch the magic happen: “Imagine the public response if the governor were to beam in his scolding/proclamation while strolling along the sweeping lawns of Hyde Park, or fishing in the Finger Lakes, or rafting through Ausable Chasm. Places, in other words, that our senators won’t be going to as long as gridlock continues.”

Paterson’s next trick is to ask the comptroller to freeze the senators’ salaries; the comptroller’s is to ask a judge whether he’s allowed to do that. Oh, and our public servants say they expect a break soon in the nearly month-long deadlock.