Fuck You, World!


Fuck you, world, for bringing me into this weird, dispiriting earth situation. I never asked to be born!

Fuck you for making it a Twilight Zone scenario whereby every moment of your life brings you closer to death and total oblivion!

Fuck you for not giving me the great looks required to make it on the bar scene, not to mention robbing me of any personality that might have me sparkling to compensate for that!

Fuck you for surrounding me with a bunch of users and ‘tards who suck the life and soul out of me–when they show up, that is!

And fuck you for not getting me invited to everything, so I have to crawl around and grovel for crumbs of accessibility in between funerals and bouts of drag bingo!

Fuck youuuuu! And I had to send back my Nicoise salad last week because they didn’t put the dressing on the side!!!