Ground Broken at Bushwick Inlet Park


The long-awaited Bushwick Inlet Park finally broke ground today down by the water between North 9th and 10th Streets.

It’s been slow going, which has led to much complaining, and the city doesn’t have all the property yet for the grand scheme, but at least the proposed power plant is off the table and, as you can see by these photos, they have about a block or so of what is currently nothingness upon which, we are told, will be placed “a synthetic turf multipurpose field for soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby and ultimate Frisbee.”

A Miss Heather commenter paid a visit over the weekend, and reports: “Boy, have those plans changed. The wetlands in the old ferry slip are still there but it doesn’t show the pier. It only shows one pier platform… The pier platform is there for the future water taxi. Taxpayer money should go for the pier not toward a business.”