Our New Board of Ed: Seven Members, No Kids Now in School


It may not be around much longer, but it seems worth noting that the new seven-member city Board of Education that met last week for the first time after the mayoral control law lapsed includes not a single current public school parent as a member.

The closest to having a personal vested interest in the schools is Dennis Walcott, 57, the Bloomberg deputy mayor who was conveniently selected by Queens borough president Helen Marshall as her own rep to the board. Walcott’s four kids graduated from public school and he’s got one grandchild enrolled now.

Bronx representative and former Hostos Community College prez Delores Fernandez, 65, also is the mother of two city public school grads, both of whom are currently teaching in the city’s schools, according to a spokesman for Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.

As for the remaining five appointees, they don’t have any children in public schools because they don’t have any children.

Those non-parents making decisions on the city’s million-plus school children are:

Bloomberg deputy mayor Ed Skyler, 36.; Bloomberg deputy mayor Patricia Harris, 53; Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer’s general counsel Jimmy Yan, 39 (who once worked at Advocates for Children); Brooklyn beep Marty Markowitz’s chief of staff Carlos Scissura, 38 (he’s a member of a school board); and Staten Island Boro Prez James Molinaro’s deputy, Ed Burke, 50. Image (cc) woodleywonderworks.