Say Hey to Brooklyn’s Own Revelations, Stars of the New Sorta-Wu-Tang Disc


Today, as we struggle mightily to readjust from Long Weekend Mode to Back at Work Mode, seems like a good day to just play Wu-Tang Chamber Music on infinite repeat: As Mr. Breihan notes, it’s neither a great album nor, technically a Wu-Tang album (no Method Man/GZA, no RZA production, etc.), but a recognizable eerie grittiness pervades, thanks to the record’s true stars: Brooklyn retro-soul crew the Revelations, a currently thriving live band remarkably adept at sounding like a long-dormant sampled one. Alongside vocalist Tre Williams (who joins Ghostface Killah on Chamber Music standout “I Wish You Were Here,” which is not a Pink Floyd cover), the group recently put out their own disc, Deep Soul, which they’ll pimp at a handful of New Jersey shows in the next several weeks, along with a date at the Blue Note at the end of the month. Request “How Do I Tell Him” and hope for a guest-star or two.