Somebody Got Murdered: Teen Love Triangle Ends in Murder


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DATE: Sunday July 5, 2009, 10:18 p.m.
LOCATION: Fifth floor hallway, 695 East 163rd Street, the Bronx.

The police say a teenager was stabbed to death at the above address late last night during a fight with another teen. He was declared dead at Lincoln Hospital. The victim was identified as Michael Silva, 16, of East 217th Street in the Bronx.

This afternoon, the police said they arrested Kevin Santiago, 16, of East 166th St. in the Bronx. He was charged with murder, manslaughter and illegal weapons possession.

The Daily News is saying Santiago was furious that his girlfriend had dumped him for Silva. He confronted her, chased her, and after she vanished into her mom’s apartment, stabbed Silva. See the News’ article here.

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