Welfare Goes Up a Couple of Bucks


Good news, freeloaders — your welfare checks are going up by as much as 38 dollars! The Times reports the monthly stipend for a family of four just went up from $375.70 to $413.70. It’s the first such increase in nineteen years.

Diabetic single recipient Georgeanna Hicks, 54, gets an extra $13 to throw around every month. “I’ll do my laundry more often,” she says excitedly. “I’ll spend it on things like toilet paper, lotion, dishwashing soap. I can’t really buy much of anything, but it’ll help me.”

The Times offers no dissenting spokesman to decry the wasteful government largesse. (We thought all New York papers had the Manhattan Institute on speed-dial.) Thank God blogs are here to break the MSM monopoly. NY Daily Balance informs us that the reform that has Hicks and others rolling in dough also makes it harder to find welfare double-dippers. “So New York’s descent into the 1960s continues,” says NYDB, “with predictable higher welfare spending, higher taxes, accelerated flight of young workers and families, a laggard economy, and a growing drug trade (thanks, Rockefeller drug law ‘reforms’).” Since we have been accustomed to think New York was actually going back to the 1930s, we have to consider this a step forward. Image via The Onion.