Booze News: Aussie Wine Now Cheaper Than Water; More on the Beer Cocktail Trend


The Bermudan Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail is two ounces of Gosling’s Black Seal rum layered with ginger beer, and that’s official. E. Malcolm Gosling Jr., whose family has owned Gosling’s since 1806, says two trademark certificates on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office define the exact recipe, which calls only for his rum.
[NY Times]

Australian wine prices have sunk lower than bottled water, due to oversupply, which has led to a fire-sale of unprofitable vineyards. Wine retailers such as Dan Murphy’s are selling label-less wines for $1.99 a bottle, and some vineyard owners are just leaving the grapes to wither on the vine.

A German winemaking kit promising to turn water into red wine has a Tuscan farmers’ association up in arms. The Trek’n Eat website sells a “magic” powder that when added to water means ”mountaineering gourmands no longer have to forgo a glass of red wine after conquering a peak.” The Tuscan group said the product was a “terrible copy.”

PDT and Mayahuel are among cocktail dens around the country using craft beers as the basis for mixed drinks. Hot sauce, mezcal, and beer are combined to create smoky versions of the michelada at these bars, while a Chicago bar came up with the beergarita, a margarita with added Flemish sour ale.
[NY Times]

Tanqueray has launched a new advertising campaign called Resist Simple based on using the gin in classic and contemporary cocktails. “Resist Simple is about people who detour from the status quo,” said brand director Kate Price in a statement. “This includes a refined approach to what to drink. Tanqueray, with its sophisticated, un-simple taste, is for people with a taste for life.” As opposed to your average suicidal gin drinker.
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