Coup in Review: Sampson Rebrands, Golisano Claims People in the Street Support the Coup


Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, there’s a lot of talking going on in Albany and no sign of advancement. There’s another special session scheduled momentarily. Democratic sorta-leader John Sampson says he’ll run through some bills, and attempts to rebrand what we had come to know and love as the Albany Coup as “Titles, Power, Pork, and Patronage,” aka ” T, triple-P.” We’re not sure what he means. Hilariously, coup enabler Tom Golisano has reemerged to criticize the Democrats as “a bunch of irresponsible children. Why can’t they admit they got beat?” and claim people on the street congratulate him for the coup; he has rolled out some new ads to reenforce this bizarre perception. Meanwhile Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy is suing the state senate for making his job more difficult. Oh look, it’s special session time; the New York State Senate site’s “live feed” is showing footage of the Dalai Lama. Someone up there must have a sense of humor.

Update: The Coup Conspirators walked out of the Democrats’ half of the session this afternoon, but by now not even that makes any difference, apparently, and no business transpired.