East Village Ignis Fatuus? Blog Readers’ “Mysterious Fireball”


There may have been a mysterious fireball climbing the East Village sky Sunday night. Neighborhood blog EV Grieve got the heads up from a

“Two people just saw a fireball in the sky moving from west to east above the EV. Was sighted from the rooftop on 3rd street and ave B. Both people said it looked like a burning ball of fire, but did not go out as expected as it climbed from 50′ to several hundred in seconds.Thought it was a Chinese lantern at first, but if that was the case it should have blown out. Couldn’t be a flare because it was a flame and not dropping sparks.”

Despite the flaming sphere not “blowing out,” one EVG commenter still thinks it may have been a Sky Lantern (“I did witness several people attempting to light and fly a burning Chinese lantern about 2 or 3 feet high last night, on 3rd street, between Ave A & B. At the time it really looked like something really stupid to be doing in the middle of the city”).

“It looked like fire but not like something ON fire.” another commenter reports. “It definitely looked contained in its sphere and was neither getting brighter nor extinguishing. I got photos but they look like… a glowing orange dot in the black sky.”

Another witness thought it was a plane on fire, but then realized it wasn’t when the blazing orb kept going higher and disappeared.

Particularly vexed witnesses to the phenomenon may want to fill out a fireball report.