Jackson Memorial Scheduled for 1PM EST


Michael Jackson’s bonkers Staples Center memorial is scheduled for 10AM PST, and is set to feature a random assortment of basketball players, reality TV show contestants, and John Mayer. This Rolling Stone item cites TMZ and contains the allegation that “Michael Jackson’s casket will take center stage,” meaning I guess that his body will be in the building and everyone will dance and sing around it. (Quoth SF/J: “It is creepy and improbable but if he wanted to really seal that comeback, an Easter-style moonwalk outta the casket would seal the deal.”) 300 cousins and 40 “grandkids and great grandkids” will also be in the building, but not Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe, or Elizabeth Taylor, who just doesn’t “believe that Michael would want me to share my grief with millions of others.” The whole thing’s costing L.A. around $2.5 million, which they’re desperate to pin on the family or the Staples Center or maybe even the American government, unclear. Many humans will take to the streets. We’ll have a live-blog at 1pm, which will be only tasteful and respectful and not at all snarky or disrespectful of the fact that one of the main performers is a runner-up from Britain’s Got Talent. Follow along on Hulu.