Make The Dying Stop!


2009 will surely go down as the dyingest year in celebrity history, when the only gossip about stars was that they’d suddenly stopped breathing. It’s only July, and so far we’ve already lost the lustrous likes of:

Bea Arthur

Betsy Blair

Altovise Davis

David Carradine

Billy Mays

Farrah Fawcett

Michael Jackson

Karl Malden

John Updike

Gale Storm

Ed McMahon

Dom DeLuise

Ricardo Montalban

Natasha Riichardson

Jett Travolta

Kenny Rankin

James Whitmore

Marilyn Chambers

Mollie Sugden

Ron Silver

Sydney Chaplin

And so many more! Like Olga San Juan!

While other, more macabre sites are asking “Who’s next?” I’m more realistically wondering “Who’s left?”