MJ in LA: Smokey, Gospel, Pastor, Mariah


About a half-hour ago Smokey Robinson made a nice speech and conveyed regrets from Diana Ross and Nelson Mandela, who counseled the family to “stay strong.” Then there were several minutes of nothingness, during which Fox anchors blabbed.

Now a gospel group is singing “We Are Going to See the King” and pallbearers with white gloves fiddle with the casket, which we are told is called the “Promethean,” made of solid bronze with gold plating, lined with royal velvet; Jackson apparently saw it at James Brown’s funeral and wanted it for himself. It retails for $25,000.

Update: Now Pastor Lucius Smith eulogizes Jackson as “our brother, our som, our father, and our friend.” If we remember him, the pastor says, “he will be there forever to comfort us.”

Woo! Mariah Carey sings “I’ll Be There”! A little hoarse, but sweet.