Subway App Helps You Get Off at the Right Spot for Transfers, Exits


Subway maps on phones are no big deal anymore, but Exit Strategy NYC has come up with a new twist on transit apps: layouts of subway platforms that show the best spots for connecting to exits, transfers, etc. Founder Jonathan Wegener and his sister went to all the subway stations and took notes, and created an interface that segments the platforms and tells you where best to situate yourself, going in either direction, for your connections. iTunes isn’t cooperating so we can’t review it, but we’ll revisit later. Still, it sounds like a good idea — though a Times commenter grumbles, “There are some things a New Yorker should learn on their own, not by for $1.99.”

If you’re more interested in cheap mods, here’s one that will allegedly make your cheap earbuds into premium isolation ‘phones: You just need foam, scissors, tweezers, and a needle.