Tonight! Andrew WK, Richard Cheese, Scanner, Kuhn and Lovano


Andrew W.K.’s ventures in record production, crackpot philosophy, and bazooka-packed children’s television are all a front for the simple, resoundingly true greeting on his voicemail: “The point of your day today is to do what you want to do, and do it all the way. That’s the way I play, and that’s all I have to say.” Hear for yourself at 212-714-4646, or get privy at Santos’ Party House tonight.

Richard Cheese has made serious inroads into a market once exclusively held by Weird Al Yankovic. But unlike the master parodist, Cheese gets off on one shtick — rap and hard rock hits performed in the style of Tony Bennett lounge music, which is funny only if you believe that modern pop is degenerate, or that oldies are benign. He plays the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Scanner’s murky electronica isn’t too far removed from the sounds of your daily commute — but hey, didn’t John Adams get a Pulitzer for that? The band riffs on the cityscape at the World Financial Center Winter Garden.

Steve Kuhn, Coltrane’s first pianist, and Joe Lovano, Coltrane’s fiercest disciple, carry the fire at Birdland.