Vivian Girls Side Project Babies Already Enraging People


At the Saturday night Market Hotel afterparty to the two day Woodist/Captured Tracks Festival, Babies–a new band featuring members of Vivian Girls and Woods–played a set, to the delight of the one guy standing in front of the YouTube cameraman and the utter distain of the BV comments section, where an outpouring of scorn (“embarrassing,” “awful,” etc.) was met, belatedly, with a rally of “I like it,” which is nice and all, except the video is completely inaudible and how anyone can have an opinion on two minutes and sixteen seconds of jangling chaos is beyond us. Let’s propose a rule: in the same way they make you hand in your cellphone before you go into the stripclub, let’s have everyone just check the A/V equipment at the door until the band has played at least two shows. Maybe even 10! We’ll work that out later. Or, alternately, we just all agree to fall back until there’s something to listen to. (Our opinion: seems OK! But who knows.)

Babies = Vivian Girls+Woods+Bossy (live Market Hotel video) [Brooklyn Vegan]